Image of Black Marble Tulip Table 'wobbling' with red cross across it

Are Tulip Tables Stable?

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One of the most common questions surrounding the iconic Tulip Table design is, “is it stable?” and in this blog we are going to unpack all the essential information to answer that very question. Without a doubt, being safe in the knowledge that your dining table will withstand the rigors of everyday life without suddenly crashing down is extremely important, especially when it comes to having little ones involved. With this in mind, we similarly all know just how much the right table makes the difference when it comes to finishing off the room and the Tulip Table has been a staple in that department for nearly 70 years!


Why We Need Stability

The stability of any piece of furniture is important; the security and knowledge that it can be used to the full without failure or, worse, causing harm is what separates the high quality products from the low quality options and helps create that faith in the design. It is no less important when it comes to your kitchen or dining room table. Usually the main hub during at least two occasions in the day, breakfast and dinnertime (or teatime depending on your preference), this simple addition to our homes has a very important job to do, but one that it does quietly and, when it does it at its absolute best, without being noticed. Not only does the table have to support the people sitting at it by being that single piece that brings us all together, it also has to carefully hold up our important sustenance, be it food or drink (maybe more of the latter after a long week) equally as well as the family conversation that is going on around it without the fear of it all crashing down.

The kitchen or dining table regularly sees all manner of things being rested upon it and it must be able to stand up to all that is placed upon it. Be it that hot steaming pot of Chilli for a family dinner or glasses from a group of friends catching up, the table will see people resting their plates and glasses on it as well as the people moving around it and it has to be able to stay standing through it all; even if you are not by the end of it. Coupled with this, there are always our little rays of sunshine that like to paint everything they can find with a mixture of food and unmentionable/unknown contents as well as even finding their musical talents at an early age and making the table into their very own drum kit and the right table stays just as strong and stable as should be expected whilst lending its own harmony to the - let’s call it - music.


How Did Saarinen Address Stability?

Saarinen’s revolutionary design was a simple one born from a simple intention, ‘do away with the mess of legs’ that usually adorned furniture. As a result, he designed the elegant single pedestal base whose stem resembles that of a Tulip and allows all occupants to sit comfortably without having to fight past a tangle of legs and leave at least one of us sitting in an awkward position for the duration of the meal; we have all been there. This wonderful design had to ensure it stood up to the one main task that your standard four-legged variant had already mastered, stability. This was achieved by the use of cast aluminium, strong, sturdy and expertly proportioned to the table top, it was the perfect choice for holding up the magnificent top the owner wanted.

The base was designed with the largest and heaviest material in mind, marble. The wonderful array of finishes offered here were all considered when it came to ensuring the base could stand up to the challenge and the simple process of working from the largest version down allowed the base to easily support the range of sizes that are offered. This dedication means the table base is more than capable of supporting the largest marble top available along with the huge expectation that it has on it to not only wow your guests but to be that trusted partner who faithfully keeps the meal or party going by just standing there; though not necessarily in the corner.

To complete the finish, the base is provided with a lovely felt bottom to keep hard floors safe and to allow comfortable positioning on carpet. The bottom of the base is finished as flat as possible to ensure it sits firmly wherever it is placed, but it is always important to check the space before positioning it. Old flooring underneath new, aged tiles or wooden floor can all have its own unique character after years of use and, through one means or another, can become less level than when new, which may mean that re-positioning of the table may be necessary for best optimal stability to be achieved.

By now, I am sure you are feeling relieved to understand that these beautiful statement pieces are as sturdy as they are good-looking and are already disappearing to place your order. The test of time really is the testament to this wonderful design and this stability in its design prowess has ensured the stability of its presence in our homes and hearts. The exceptionally sturdy base is made with one thing in mind, biggest first, and this means that, no matter what size you are interested in, you can be safe in the knowledge that it will be as dependable as the company that is kept around it.