Tulip Chairs

The Tulip Chair, a mid-century 1955 design from the creative mind of Eero Saarinen. A design that captures the imagination, the Tulip Chairs are entirely unique, blissfully elegant and wonderfully graceful, adorning homes the world over.

The chairs, perhaps more so than the tables, have a beautiful resemblance to this most popular of flowers from which they get named; the Tulip. The bases of the chair are perfect stems, flowing into the very heart of the flower and the backs of the chairs are the petals, with the early signs of the blossoming, together with that little curl of the ends.

Look, read and buy our fantastic Tulip Chairs here or continue to read more about what makes this design so enduring, so remarkable and so admired.

Fashions come and go, sometimes they may be a quick fad and others may last for a decade or more. Clothes, music, cars, architecture and even hairstyles, they are all driven by the mysteries of fashion, influenced by great and innovative design or by the idols and role models of our lifetime. Furniture design is undoubtedly no different, with periods of time easily distinguished by the shape, form and fashion of any given item. We have all heard of the Regency period, of Art Deco, of Victorian or Mid-century design.

The material used in the construction of a chair was also an important part of the period from which it was borne. Wood was certainly king, right since medieval times, through all periods and it has morphed and transformed and is still going strong today. But post WW1 design started to see change and there was a thirst for the new and for the bright and shiny metals that had come to the fore during the industrial revolution. Chairs of steel and chrome and seats of leather would revolutionise designs during the early 20th century and by the time we reached the post WW2 era, designers were busy exploring a whole range of new materials. Pioneers such as Charles Eames, George Nelson and of course Eero Saarinen, were very much at the forefront of this designer revolution.

This is what makes the mid-century Eero Saarinen Tulip Chair quite so remarkable. We may look today on the designs of the Art Deco period, the Victorian times, of Art Nouveau as dated, old or even ‘out of fashion’. We may see their craftsmanship as exemplary but consider them consigned to the history pages for practical use. But the Tulip Chair, standing equally as good with the Tulip Table as any other, bucks this remarkable trend. Here is a chair, designed in the mid 1950’s, that looks as current today as the day it was conceived. Here is a chair, from the heart of the mid-century movement, a ‘space age’ design still looking as fresh and as contemporary as ever.

I doubt Eero Saarinen could have foreseen how his beautiful Tulip Chair design would last just so well through the decades. The chair, so far ahead of its time, has been for sale ever since its inception and it has seamlessly blended in with interiors as extreme as the 1970’s, the boxy 80’s and placid 1990’s. And in today’s super modern, contemporary architectural wonders, the Tulip Chair is looking right at home and going on strong, not consigned to the pages of history any time soon.

The Little Tulip Shop has worked tirelessly to re-create the Saarinen Tulip Chair design and bring it to our catalogue for sale on our web shop. Using materials that are sympathetic and mindful of the original, you can buy our beautiful Tulip Chairs, Tables and Dining Sets at prices making them within reach of everybody.

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