The Tulip Side Table

Whether you’re just starting to discover the beauty of Little Tulip furniture or own a number of pieces already, no collection is truly complete without accompanying Tulip side tables. As you would expect, the design echoes the smooth curve and gentle design of the larger Tulip tables and complementary Tulip chairs, but with its own distinct dimensions and purpose. The Tulip side table possesses a presence and character all of its own.

As with each product in the range, the Tulip side table takes its design inspiration from nature, resulting in an organic-influenced form and a simple but striking overall look. And it’s thanks to that simplicity that these side tables work well as stand-alone pieces, sometimes literally, or blending seamlessly with other furniture and interior design styles and touches.

The pedestal leg almost appears to defy physics with its slender form supporting the table top; an elegant alliance of form and function. The use of this single support also creates a space beneath the top that simply doesn’t exist with a four-legged table. Where a traditional table ‘cordons off’ space, making it virtually impenetrable, the Tulip side table positively encourages use of that space.

Laminate and marble Tulip side tables – elegant style and captivating colours

Our range of Tulip side tables comprises three variants, identical in form and of the highest quality but also each possessing their own unique feel and finish. All three measure 52cm in height with a tabletop diameter of 50cm, an aesthetic match of dimensions adding to the almost intangible feeling of everything being ‘just right’.

The all-white laminate finish table with a strong and ultra-light aluminium pedestal provides a striking yet neutral addition to any room. The all-white design shines like a beacon in any setting.

Carrara marble in white with its characteristic wisps of light grey comprises the table-top in the first of our two marble side tables. The all-white aluminium pedestal catches the eye while adding to the classic beauty of this marble Tulip side table.

Our final Tulip side table features a black pedestal topped with stunning Portoro marble, resplendent with golden, white and mother of pearl veins standing out against the black background. A truly breath-taking example of natural marble.

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