Tulip Table & Chair Sets

There is only one thing better than a Tulip Table or indeed a Tulip Chair and that is a combination of the two! The full Tulip Dining Set is a work of art and it is only with this complete picture that one can fully appreciate the wonder of the design.

As you gaze across the beautiful marble of the table top, heavy and reassuringly cold to the touch, you catch a glimpse of the petals, the curled leaves of the flower, in the guise of the Tulip Side and Arm Chair, whose graceful curves are a continuation of the beauty starting from the very stem of the table base.

View our beautiful range of ready-made Tulip Dining Sets in the finest of selected finishes and combinations. Look and buy today or read on to learn more about this most wonderful of furniture designs and ranges.

As a circular or oval design, there are table sizes to suit every interior space, kitchen and dining room. This is yet another feature of a Tulip design that just keeps on giving when it comes to providing benefits not just based on its amazing styling. It would be fair to say that Eero Saarinen really did achieve something of a design miracle, an all-round solution when it came to the design of this incredible range. Versatility in available options, check, unique style that spans decades, check, chairs and table design entirely in-woven, check, beautiful available finishes of table, check, and solution of the tangle of table legs, fully check!

One might just wonder whether Saarinen really could have worked out all the benefitting design principles that make this range just so good in advance, or whether perhaps some just happened to be, a co-incidental bonus as it were. Based on reports from his peers of the time, Saarinen was considered something of a perfectionist, a determined and methodical individual who’s drive and determination came solely from within. We should have no doubt therefore that the success of the tulip table, tulip chair and the range was indeed no accident but the rewards of creativity at its finest, steadied with a mindful eye on practicality.

The only dilemma therefore seems to be what to choose! Not only does the range have dining table sizes from small and round to large and oval, but they have the choice of finish too. Do you go for the crisp and clean white laminate or the natural stone of the Carrara marble? It surely comes down to a matter of taste, because one thing is for sure, either finish has proven to be as adept as each other when it comes to blending into any décor.

So, you have made the choice, filling that big dining room space with a lovely large oval marble table, or perhaps choosing that compact white small circular number to fit into your nice and sunny kitchen or breakfast room. But there is one more choice to make, one more dilemma, which Tulip Chair will you pick? The Tulip Side or the Tulip Arm? They are of course equally beautiful and equally as practical as each other, so the last of the choices will be yours to make purely on what you prefer. Finish your dining set decisions by choosing from a range of deep, rich colours for your seat cushions. Do you add that flash of colour to match a feature wall or coloured accents? Or do you go bold and stand out with something deliberately contrasting, only you can decide.

The Little Tulip Shop has created a range of over thirty ready-made tulip dining sets based on the most popular table sizes, finishes and chair configurations. Finish each with a choice of colour cushion from five available and we will do the rest. Furthermore, if you feel you would like to customise your set further, feel free to get in touch because nothing is impossible.

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