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The Beginning

The Little Tulip Shop was set up and started in Leicestershire in 2018 as a family run business with decades of experience within the home furnishings and designer furniture fields. Our directors, employees and suppliers have all been within the trade for many years and it was a natural progression for the opening of our shop to specialise in the one range we had already loved selling so much - Saarinen's Tulip Table and Chairs.

Our experience in the production and retail of home furniture has enabled us to offer our beautiful products throughout the UK, Europe and the US (via our distributor). We are always happy to hear from our clients and our team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

The Product

Our own versions of these classic designs are made, where possible, to the same converted dimensions as their original counterparts. We also offer our products in the same materials as those of the original designs. We recognize too that our products will appeal to a wider market audience than their original Knoll counterparts, due to the value of their pricing. It is necessary to point out that Knoll still make the Tulip range and they do offer a wider selection of marble stones that are far more expensive as a natural resource. We don't therefore intend to suggest that our products are the same as those made by Knoll, but merely that they fully resemble them, are true to the design and bring elegance and excitement to customer the world over.

Our suppliers are carefully chosen, the factories that we use are ISO accredited and the quality of the process of manufacture is ecological and fair. We work to ensure that manufacture requires the human touch from start to finish and that quality against price is maintained.

Our Mission

To quote the words of a famous mid-century designer:

'our mission is to bring the best, to the most, for the least'

Our aim and our mission to you, is to bring the very best possible product that we can, for a price that we can only describe as unbeatable, to a wider and greater number of people so that they may enjoy the design for years to come.



Close up view of the 120cm Carrara Marble Tulip Table top