Get the low down on all of our wonderful marble table top choices and learn all about what you can expect from these beautiful natural stones.

Black Nero Marquina

Origin: Markina, Basque Region, Spain

Value: $$$$ - Medium High

Base Colour: Black

Veins: Predominant White with occasional Gold fleck

Notes & Quirks: A high quality, super dense stone, deep black with 'lightning bolt' veins, it has a high level of natural defense to strikes & scratches making cleaning very easy indeed. A flawless honed surface with a striking pattern, makes it a favourite for interior design worldwide.

The Nero Marquina Marble is substantially black with veins of white that resemble lightning bolts of various shapes and sizes

White Carrara Marble

Origin: Massa & Carrara Provinces, Tuscany, Italy

Value: $$$ - Moderate

Base Colour: White

Veins: Greyish Blue with rare natural Quartz

Notes & Quirks: Carrara, the world renowned Italian marble famed for its predominantly white appearance and reduced veins of subtle greys and blue. Used since Roman times and exported the world over, Carrara is one of the most recognisable marble stones in existence. Tops can occasionally contain natural occurrences of quartz elements within the make up of the stone.

White Carrara Marble has a predominantly white background with a flurry of largely grey veins and flecks throughout the natural stone

White Arabescato Marble

Origin: South Carrara Region, Tuscany, Italy

Value: $$$$$ - Very High

Base Colour: Ivory

Veins: Strong grey and black pattern

Notes & Quirks: From the same region as Carrara Marble, the Arabescato variant is a rarer, more striking stone. The marble is awash with natural veins of black and grey, often in circular form and the less subtle white/grey appearance exudes that of elegance of luxury. Arabescato is currently our most expensive marble choice and there can be an occasionally rare fleck of gold vein in its composition.

Black Portoro Marble

Origin: Porto Venere, La Spezia, Italy

Value: $$$$ - High

Base Colour: Black

Veins: Predominant Gold with White & Grey

Notes & Quirks: Portoro Marble can be traced to Roman times and is considered one of the most luxurious and extravagant black marbles available. The golden veins and black base is essentially stone within stone and as a result sometimes natural fissures occur where they join - they are not cracks, are part of the stone and do not affect stability in any way.