Set - 200cm x 120cm White Marble Oval Table & 4 Tulip Side, 2 Arm Chairs

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We are very proud to present our flagship set - the 200 x 120 cm Tulip Marble Table with four Tulip Side and two Tulip Arm Chairs.

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Our wonderful flagship full size oval Marble Tulip Table sets are a thing of real beauty. Modern and inspiring, the gorgeous natural stone top, sleek stemmed base and matching Tulip Side and Arm chairs combine to complete a full dining room makeover, whether it be classic or modern, large or small.

The set comes complete with the 200 x 120 cm one-piece Marble Table with an oval shape and matching pedestal ‘Tulip’ base. All tops are 100% unique and cut from the natural stone. This set comes with four of the classic Tulip Side Chairs as well as two of the ‘carver’ style arm chairs for the head of the table. Each chair is then finished with a soft and beautiful cushion, available in five colour choices. 

The oval tables, designed in the 1950’s in the US, were originally made to imperial sizes of feet and inches. So, with our true to original designs, conversion of the larger tables is more exact to 198cm to 199cm. Two metre tables offer the possibility of seating places for four and six places and even eight at a further squeeze.

If you are looking for a dining set that has everything, a wow, a statement, comfortable, functional, modern yet classic – you would not have to look any further than this. These are our most popular and sought after sets and make a truly wonderful impact to your dining space. 

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Below are the dimension guides for our products, if there is a measurement you require not listed here then please get in touch today from our contact page.


Tulip Side Chair:

80cm High x 50cm Wide x 50cm Deep with a seat height of 46cm

Tulip Arm Chair:

82cm High x 68cm Wide x 56cm Deep with a seat height of 46cm

Marble Tables:

Tops are advertised size with a standing height of 73cm, 1.9cm Marble Thickness *


Tulip Side Tables:

50cm Circular tops with a standing height of 51.5cm


*Exception is the 200cm Table (when rounded from its original imperial size is 197cm)

*Portoro is 2.9 cm thick


Our Tulip Tables & Chairs use cast Aluminium bases which provide super tensile strength to cope with heavy Marble tops, yet light enough to provide the ability to move easily.

All marble tops are solid one-piece cuts of natural marble, no joins, no manufacturing. Sometimes natural quartz can occur within the stone and are perfectly normal.

Marble is cut, polished and crated at source in Italy & Spain, we therefore cannot dictate individual marble patterns on order as it is essential the heavy marble remains in transport crates for their safe moving.

The Walnut Veneer uses real American Walnut top layer, finished in a preservative lacquer.

Laminate tops are cut moulded wood, painted with 3 layers and lacquer finished.

Our Tulip Chair cushions are made from a velveteen synthetic fabric, machine washable at lower temperatures. Please do not tumble dry.



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Whether you are buying a Tulip Chair, Tulip Table or one of our ready made dining sets, the Little Tulip Shop Guarantee is there to give peace of mind for your new purchase. For the next 12 months our guarantee covers your purchase in full, against any form of manufacturing issue or faults. So relax and enjoy your new dining room and do get in touch for anything at all you need help with.


You can find details on what to expect after you make your purchase here on our shipping page.


The aftercare page gives you an insight into how to keep your table and chairs in the best of condition for years to come.