The Top Benefits of Buying a Marble Tulip Table

The Top Benefits of Buying a Marble Tulip Table

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Marble has been a symbol of wealth and sophistication throughout history.

There's a reason that kings and queens chose to use marble in their palaces for centuries. The Taj Mahal was built almost entirely out of white marble and it draws crowds of mesmerized visitors daily.

It's no wonder people everywhere are adding marble as an elegant addition to their homes.

Are you looking to buy a new dining room table for your home? If so, there is none quite so beautiful as Eero Saarinen's tulip table. Check out this guide to learn the top benefits of buying a marble tulip table.

Marble Tulip Table

Choosing a dining room table is no small feat. Not only will this table need to be a special furniture piece to host friends and family for special occasions. It is also a staple centrepiece to your dining room.

Your guests will zero in on this singular spot as soon as they settle into your home. It's a signature place for holiday feasts so you want to make it special. It should be comfortable but also impressive. Plus, you probably want a table that is going to last in both durability and style.

When considering a dining room table, the tulip table has been a must-have for many families for decades. The secret is not only in the luxurious stone surface but also the overall design of this innovative peice.

This table is timeless and continues to be an ongoing addition to contemporary homes today.

Matches Any Decor

The beauty of the tulip table is in its simple yet appealing design. The tulip table was invented by renowned Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen in 1957. He combined style with functionality when he created this versatile pedestal table.

The table amazingly fits in with any decor. Its streamlined appearance makes it blend seamlessly with both modern and antique furniture. You'd be hard-pressed to find chairs that don't look chic surrounding a tulip table.

Plus, its leg-less design makes it very practical for hosting large groups.

It is a great addition to any room due to its versatility. The marble tulip table is especially stunning while remaining subdued in its elegance. It is even at home in a casual kitchen, adding an extra touch of design to an otherwise ordinary space.


When Saarinen created his Pedestal Collection, he set out to invent furniture that removed the clutter of four legs. His collection included chairs, tables, as well as coffee tables in a variety of sizes.

The great thing about his tulip table is that there are no legs to get in the way of guests surrounding it. Everyone can sit comfortably no matter which section of the table they're at. He was truly ahead of his time in both design and function.

You can find a table to fill any size room and for occasions large or small. You can choose a round table or opt for an oval variety to meet your needs.

Saarinen was truly a designer who was ahead of his time. Perhaps even he would be in awe of the ongoing devotion to his Pedestal Collection. Even after all these years!

Add Class to Any Room

When it comes to stone tables, a marble tulip table is especially beautiful. When guests see a marble tabletop, it instantly inspires class and adds an effortless chicness to any room. You can find tulip tables in all corners of the home.

A round marble tabletop adds an impressive touch to any foyer. Complete the look with a vase of fresh flowers or a glass bowl. You'll find these tables are both functional and eye-catching.

You can find marble with a variety of veining intensity, finishes, and colors. This natural stone may be expensive but its sophistication is priceless. Marble tables will never go out of style because they fit any decor and complement any room.

Durability Meets Design

A bonus to owning a marble table is that the stone is very durable. Like other stone tables, it can outlast most of your other furniture if you care for it properly. Be prepared to reseal and polish the stone twice a year to keep it shiny and smooth.

The more you polish your stone the more pearly white it will remain. You can also take it to a professional to have any scratches buffed out.

Also, be careful not to leave drinks or spill liquid on marble. It is subject to water stains and can cause damage to the stone. This is especially true for acidic drinks such as coffee, orange juice, and wine.

Be sure to place coasters on your table as a barrier. You will also want to use place settings as protection to prevent the stone from being scratched.

With proper care and polishing your marble table will glisten for many years to come.


Stone table-tops are environmentally friendly options since marble does not contain any harsh chemicals or require any processing like other materials. Therefore you won't have to worry about contributing to the production of toxic waste or harmful gases.

Marble is a completely natural stone. It's a great option that is both green and lavish all at once.

Your Table is Unique

Since you'll be getting a natural stone tabletop, your marble will be unique in its design. There are so many beautiful veining varieties that are created by nature herself! No two tables are exactly alike.

The tulip table typically comes in an understated white with an aluminium pedestal base. This is the traditional look just as Saarinen designed it in the late 50s.

You may even want to include matching tulip chairs to complete the authentic look of the Pedestal Collection. They come in both rotating and stationery styles.

Make it a Marble Top

Owning a marble tulip table is like having a piece of history. It will not only add extravagance to your home but also become a staple piece in your decor. No matter how your design tastes change, a marble tulip table will never go out of style.

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