A white Tulip Chair with red cushion sits next to the Nero Marquina and Carrara Marble tables, giving a flavour of some of the quality finishes avaialble

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Marble & Fabric

The Finest Materials

Only the very best choices are made, when it comes to the Marbles and Fabrics we use here at Little Tulip Shop!
The Little Tulip Shop offers its table tops in a choice of top quality finishes including Carrara, Arabescato, Nero Marquina Marbles & Walnut Veneer

Marble and Walnut Finishes

When we set out to choose the very best of table tops, we ask ourselves, what do customers want? What variations can we offer that span the range of appeal, of tastes? What quality can be assured and most importantly, will it last the test of time?... and the result is a selection that we are happy to say, ticks all the boxes! From quality solid marbles of age old reputation, to beautiful wood veneers and modern practical and efficient manufacturing that keeps the cost to quality ratio hugely beneficial for our customers. Read on for more info

The wonderful textual pattern of the Arabescato Marble shows circular bubble like formations of largely white stone base with greys and blues


Arabescato, the rare high-end Italian natural stone, native to Tuscany. Embrace its intricate details and bold, opulent patterning for a statement piece less subdued than Carrara. Revel in visual "pools" of circular white space, gracefully interwoven with veins of light, medium, and dark grey. Dare to make an impact with this eye-catching marble & its harmonious balance of white base stone.

Carrara is the famous, predominantly white marble emanating form the Tuscany region of Italy, with a smooth flawless finish and subtle flashes of grey


Carrara marble hails from the quarries of Northern Tuscany in Italy - and it's easy to see why it's been popular for millennia! Its near-white, luna-like base and subtle gray-blue veining give this natural stone timeless appeal, making it the ideal choice for decorating palaces and temples of ancient Rome.

A sample of natural formation of Emperador marble, a wonderful deep brown base stone seen here interlaced with white veins


From the Murcia & Albacete regions of central Spain, the distinctive natural splendour of Emperador marble is clear to all whom view it, a wonderful naturally formed pattern of deep brown base stone and spider like veining of white. * Note this marble does carry natural formation fissures more than part of the make up of this stone.

The wonderful Levanto Rosso marble, a deep purplish red stone crossed with natural veins of white, natural quartz and form

Levanto Rosso

Levanto Rosso, a scintillating natural stone deep and purplish red with white, quarried in the proximity of the namesake town and throughout the Liguria province. A luxurious choice, seen in the temples of Ancient Rome, our special edition choices of table top are pre sealed with tuffskin™ for the ultimate peace of mind.

A slice of Nero Marquina Black Marble shows how the lightning like white veins randomly interlace the largely jet black base of the stone


Nestled deep within the hills of Northern Spain, somewhere between Bilbao & San Sebastian is the town of Markina, small & assuming, but famous around the globe as the source of this quintessential black marble stone! Natural geological bitumen deposits created a stone almost entirely deepest black, but nature alluded to add attractive dashes of lightning like veins in white & occasional gold fleck too.

An image to give an impression of the white glossy surface finish of the Classic White tables found in all sizes on the Little Tulip Shop website

White Laminate Tops

That contrast of white laminate tops - the classic original design of the Tulip range from the mid 19th century - is striking. Its purpose is clear: calming, pristine, bright, white and breezy, this top is suited for modern, traditional, and classical homes. Now refashioned with layered flatboards and triple lacquers, this stunning white finish pays homage to the original top.

A cross section of the natural Walnut Veneer gives a real glimpse of the depth of the real wood grains that are visible and textured to the touch

Walnut Veneer

Sometimes a marble or classic white surface may just not work with our interiors, perhaps we prefer a traditional wooden table but still like the style and statement of the Tulip range. Then our Veneered tops may well be the answer, carrying beautiful real wood veneers with deep & textured to the touch grains, bringing the magic of the material to your dining room.

The Little Tulip Shop’s fabric of choice is the perfect luxury accompaniment to our wonderful Tulip Chairs, all expertly made in deep and sumptuous colours

Its More than a cushion

The proverbial ‘icing’ on the cake, the finish these wonderful designs deserve – the upholstered cushions that adorn our most favourite of chairs. As a departure from traditional hopsacks or leather fabrics, The Little Tulip Shop offers a modern fabric with glorious deep colour hues, machine washable, exchangeable, durable, and yet, super soft to the touch too!