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The Little Tulip Shop currently ships to regions within 36 European Countries as well as Norway and Switzerland. 

There are varying services available to differing regions. The table below shows the countries, available services, starting prices and estimated delivery waits. All shipping costs are automatically added in the checkout before purchase.

Important Information - Please Read

It is important to be ready for your delivery. Small orders of chairs only arrive by parcel to your door, however larger tables and or sets that are ordered by Economy Delivery arrive only to the Kerbside

In regions where it is possible, we always recommend to choose delivery with installation, but without it is really important to have the help ready and on hand for installing your deliveries.

For all 90cm and white 120cm tables and sets we recommend at least 1 person. For 120cm tables and sets that are marble, we recommended 2 persons. For any of our oval tables, white or marble and or sets, it is recommended to have at least 3 but preferably 4 persons to carry inside.


 UK Domestic Shipping

UK Domestic Shipping Region

Eurozone Shipping 

Shipping rates for Eurozone 1 - Western Europe


Eurozone Shipping 2 


Shipping rates for Eurozone 2

Eurozone Shipping 3

Eurozone Shipping rates and countries


Eurozone Shipping 4

 Eurozone 4 shipping rates