The majestic brown Emperador Marble Table top, captured under a perfect glimmer of light, highlighting its natural wonder, all atop a black backdrop

Tulip Dining Tables

The Tulip Table, a unique, elegant design with wonderfully natural curves and available in a choice of beautiful finishes, a creative masterpiece of a design from Eero Saarinen. If you had no idea and were asked when you thought this table was designed, would you guess the 1950’s? Not many do, it is hard to believe sometimes that this most current and contemporary of designs was borne in the last mid-century.

As the popularity of the entire Tulip range increased, so too did the available sizes, finishes and colours of the tabletops. The range was complimented with matching Tulip side and armchairs as well as a host of occasional side and coffee tables. The Little Tulip Shop is absolutely delighted to offer the very best and most popular Tulip range tables sizes and in the iconic marble, veneer and laminate finishes they have become so well known for.
What is it that makes good design? The annuls of history are undoubtedly full of very creative and super innovative inventions that just never get past the first base. Some may say it is marketing, perhaps practicality while others may point to a lack of demand. It could be a combination of all three! But when it comes to furniture, and specifically tables, we believe it has everything to do with versatility.
The Saarinen Tulip Table has an unrivalled abundance of built in versatility. It may well have been created as a range, with matching Tulip Chairs, but on its own it simply just goes with absolutely everything. Wooden chairs, plastic chairs, upholstered chairs, stools, dark, light, black or white. It is quite remarkable how nothing you can put together with a Tulip Table looks out of place. Of all the furniture and all the tables in the world, we wonder if there is such another that can boast this kind of seamless intermingling.
Versatility goes way beyond the choice of chair too. Whether you are sporting classic parquet flooring, tiles, carpet or a super modern resin, the Tulip Table design blends right in as if it has always been there. The same goes for décor too, wallpaper, neutral or extroverted paint, classic wood panelled dining rooms or the brick of a modern loft, all offer no barrier to the Tulip Table looking good, as always. It is no wonder this design has endured the best part of 70 years, no wonder that it continues to get more and more popular as time goes on.
Much has been made of the Saarinen design dispelling the ‘clutter of legs’ with its pedestal base, a flower like stem so named after natures gift. Perhaps this is the key to its longevity, its endless versatility? Maybe so, but one thing for certain is that it adds to the appeal of the table. We have all been there, squashed against the end at a crowded family gathering, sat attempting to feast on a wonderful meal with a table strut sandwiched between our legs. It is the detail in the design and if the point of design is to offer a solution, then the Eero Saarinen Tulip Table wins hands down.
The Little Tulip Shop has worked hard to produce a range of Tulip tables, chairs and dining sets that offer the most popular sizes with the most desirable of finishes, Browse through our range of beautiful Tulip Tables that we offer or continue to read more about what makes this very special design so endearing to admirers the world over. And remember that our knowledgeable team is always just a call or email away from any queries you may have.

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A very large oval 244 cm Tulip Table seen in the majestic Rosso Levanto red Marble and set within a beautiful quirky but classic wood paneled dining room The subtleties of the classic White Carrara Marble can be seen across this super large oval 244 cm Tulip Table within a highly modern dining room setting
244 x 137 cm Large Oval Tulip Dining Table
Sale priceFrom £2,399.99 GBP
A space transformed by a large Saarinen designed oval Tulip dining table measuring 200 x 120 cm and made from solid Italian Tuscan Arabescato marble The Saarinen Tulip Table really lends itself to a variety of wonderful finishes including this Oval 200 cm Dining table with a white base & real Walnut top
With a top made of real American Walnut there is a classy traditional look about this 170 cm Saarinen Tulip Table which makes it the ideal interior choice A 170 cm white oval Tulip Table may well be the very best addition to any dining room, it is classic, sleek, timeless and graceful to name just a few
The white Arabescato marble adds something of an extra dimension to this 120 cm circular Tulip dining table within this super modern kitchen diner Nero Marquina provides that wonderful jet black base interlaced with thunderbolts of mother of pearl white veining, perfect on this 120 cm Tulip Table
120 cm Circular Saarinen Tulip Dining Table
Sale priceFrom £599.99 GBP
The 90 cm small round Tulip table seen here in the wonderful white and subtle grey Carrara Marble is perfect for small dining and kitchen spaces This 90 cm circular Saarinen Tulip Table is wonderful in the black Nero Marquina marble from Spain with the deep space black base and white veining
90 cm Circular Saarinen Tulip Dining Table
Sale priceFrom £529.99 GBP
With minimal lighting, a Saarinen Tulip Table in black Marble together with 6 matching Tulip Chairs is barely visible against the black light and backdrop