Your Marble Care Pack


Marble Magic

Whilst most marble is absolutely fine the way that it is (after all it has been that way for thousands of years) it never hurts to double down and make sure your natural stone table is protected against the unexpected.

Provided free of charge with any of our marble dining table, the care pack box has everything you need to ensure your purchase is as fully protected as it can be against minor spills and ambient moisture. It is also super easy to apply (wipe on and leave for a few hours) and perfect for applying before first use once the table is installed in its rightful new home.

Your care pack contains the following:

* Method Granite and Marble Cleaner

* Akemi - Wipe on and leave marble and stone sealer

* Micro fibre cloths to apply cleaner and sealers

* Face masks and disposable gloves for your health and safety

Buying the contents of our care pack would set you back £49.99 so we are happy too be able to provide you the means of protecting your table even more than before. Read our aftercare page for additional tips on keeping your table in tip top shape!


Every care pack comes complete with instructions to ensure you get the best out of your marble table. But just in case you forget what drawer they went into, find them below, left to right, top to bottom!