The Tulip Chair

The Tulip chair sits at the heart of the collections offered by Little Tulip. Originally conceived in 1955, the Tulip Chair is a classic of interior design that has outlasted numerous trends and seen off countless fads over the decades. A classic whose global popularity has never waned and demand for which has constantly and consistently grown over time.           

The tulip swivel chair perfectly encapsulates its design inspiration, the tulip, within its the minimalist design. The single pedestal reflects the strength of the plant’s stem while the seat and backs resemble the delicacy of the flower itself and its petals.

The design of the Tulip chair has stood the test of time with no need to change or evolve. Such longevity is testament to the strength and resilience of the original composition. One that has often been imitated but never equaled. In fact, all that has changed is the nature of the construction materials to increase the chair’s lifespan and durability.

The Tulip chair – side or arm, black or white

The Tulip swivel chair is available in four variants; the arm chair and the side chair, both finished in either black or white. All are available with cushions in a range of five colours, so you’re sure to find a combination that works perfectly with your décor. Perhaps the white tulip side chair with a bold red cushion to make a standout statement or the black arm chair with a grey cushion to keep things subtle yet striking.

Both the black and the white tulip chair work superbly in conjunction with any of the Tulip side tables or dining tables or as stand-alone pieces. They are such signature works that you might find yourself having to force yourself to sit in them for fear of spoiling the look. But once you do, you’ll immediately feel the comfort of the perfect proportions; either the openness of the side chair or the ‘hug’ of the arm chair.

Take a look through our gallery to view the tulip chair in a variety of settings. If you’d like to discuss your specific requirements, please feel free to contact us.


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