A space transformed by a large Saarinen designed oval Tulip dining table measuring 200 x 120 cm and made from solid Italian Tuscan Arabescato marble
Polarize the classic Saarinen Tulip Table and you get this wonderful centre of attention, a 200 cm Oval Tulip Dining Table in Nero Marquina marble
The Saarinen Tulip Table really lends itself to a variety of wonderful finishes including this Oval 200 cm Dining table with a white base & real Walnut top
Sometimes a dining space wants to be a little lighter, & there is no better way than adding a Saarinen Tulip Oval 200 cm table with a clean white finish
In an atmospheric dining space you see this equally awe inspiring 200 levanto rosso Saarinen oval dining table at an angle
What a grand showpiece this 200 cm Oval Saarinen Tulip Table is showcasing a top made from solid Carrara Marble predominantly white with grey veins
Minimalist, we see this resplendent 198 emperador Tulip table sat in this reserved drawing room as its main feature

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200 x 120 cm Saarinen Oval Tulip Dining Table

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Table Finish:Arabescato Marble
A seamless synthesis of luxury and mid-century wonder, the 200 x 120 cm Saarinen Oval Tulip Dining Table offers an unparalleled experience for the discerning connoisseur. An expertly crafted masterpiece, its elegance and class will be the talk of your dining room. Perfect for four, six or even eight persons, The Tulip Table shows that style and functionality can be the same thing after all.
Choose from an extensive selection of marble, laminate, and veneer finishes to best complement your interiors.
Seen from its side, the Tulip Table top in the natural Carrara White marble stands out from the deep space like black of the background in the image
The Tulip table base in white is a sleek and curvy design that displays so much gracious style just like its namesake growing and blossoming at the top
A large banner image that shows the viewer a front on and top down view of the larger 200 x 120 cm Tulip Dining Table with all dimensions shown
Adapted for mobile & tablet and seen from the top and the side, a picture that easily demonstrates the sizes and shape of the Tulip Oval table