With a top made of real American Walnut there is a classy traditional look about this 170 cm Saarinen Tulip Table which makes it the ideal interior choice
A 170 cm white oval Tulip Table may well be the very best addition to any dining room, it is classic, sleek, timeless and graceful to name just a few
Standing in the front of a white marble fireplace in a dark dining space is the 170 Saarinen levanto rosso oval dining table
Making this dining room very special is an oval 170 cm Tulip Table made with a solid piece of Carrara Marble, Italy’s most famous natural stone export
Balancing between light and dark, modern and classic, this 170 emperador Tulip table provides style to this modern kitchen
Can perfection exist within a design? This 170 Oval Tulip Table in a breathtaking Arabescato Italian Marble must come pretty close indeed
The Nero Marquina marble adds a perfect darkened tone upon this medium size 170 x 110 cm oval Saarinen Tulip Table large enough for six persons

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170 x 110 cm Oval Saarinen Tulip Dining Table

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Table Finish:American Walnut

The iconic, timeless style of the 170 x 110 cm Oval Saarinen Tulip Dining Table creates a sophisticated dining atmosphere with its striking oval silhouette and classic tulip base design. Combining artistry and practicality, this exquisite table will bring an air of refinement and elegance to any meal.

Choose from a variety of marble, laminate, and veneer finishes to complement your décor.

A stunning image that captures the rich tones within the natural Walnut Veneer Tulip table top against the dark silhouette of a black background
A Tulip Table, this time in the dark sleek black for the black topped finishes, shown at an artistic angle with all its beautiful curves and features
A large visual image that details the dimensions of the 170 x 110 cm Oval Saarinen Tulip Table with arrows denoted the height, width and length
Adjusted for mobile & tablet, a top down & straight on view of the 170 x 110 cm oval Saarinen Tulip Table showing visual dimensions for the product