There is something wonderfully textured about this large oval Tulip Table in Emperador Marble as its wonderful top stands out amazingly from the white walls
Under the lights, the grey veined Arabescato Marble 244 x 137 cm Oval Tulip Table is seen within a neutral interior setting and exposed brickwork
Not for the feint hearted the black Nero Marquina marble topped 244 x 137 oval Tulip Table add a darker touch to this modern glass lined dining room
Set within a purpose built dining area, the largest 244 cm oval Tulip Dining table with a Walnut veneer top is seen underneath 3 hanging copper lights
The largest oval 244 cm tulip table in white laminate look amazing as a statement in any décor and stands out here within a kitchen dining setting
A very large oval 244 cm Tulip Table seen in the majestic Rosso Levanto red Marble and set within a beautiful quirky but classic wood paneled dining room
The subtleties of the classic White Carrara Marble can be seen across this super large oval 244 cm Tulip Table within a highly modern dining room setting

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244 x 137 cm Large Oval Tulip Dining Table

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Table Finish:Emperador Marble
The biggest of statements, and indeed the largest Tulip Table in the range – the grand oval 244 x 137 cm dining table available in an array of fine marbles, laminates, and veneers. Have more space to afford your table? Then this wonderful size will easily fit six, comfortably seat eight and max out with ten, making it also the most versatile of our tables too!

Please note that after purchase, we will need to ensure that this large and super heavy table will get access to and fit your space so please expect a follow up questionnaire from our support team. Any space that couldn’t be workable would be immediately refunded, do call us for any questions you have.
Against a black background, the side & edging of a Levanto Rosso marble table is seen with its shimmering red hue & various white quartz veins throughout
The Tulip table base in white is a sleek and curvy design that displays so much gracious style just like its namesake growing and blossoming at the top
A profile side on and top-down view of a large oval 244 x 137 cm Tulip Table to provide a visual reference to the height, width and length of the table
Made for mobile, a static side on view and top down shot is used to visually represent the length, height and width dimension of the 244 x 137 Tulip table