Contrasting perfectly with the arabescato counter top, the 90cm round levanto rosso Saarinen dining table looks resplendent.
The 90 cm small round Tulip table seen here in the wonderful white and subtle grey Carrara Marble is perfect for small dining and kitchen spaces
The beautiful collaboration of brown on white is exemplified with this 90 emperador Tulip table and this wonderful kitchen
The small circular 90 cm Tulip Table gets a serious uplift with the application of the gorgeous Arabescato Marble top with white and grey veining
This 90 cm circular Saarinen Tulip Table is wonderful in the black Nero Marquina marble from Spain with the deep space black base and white veining
Walnut is the popular choice seen here on this round Tulip Dining Table because it blends so well with the white of the base and the surrounding decor
Sometimes you just cannot beat a classic look, like this 90 cm Tulip Table in a white laminate which stands our majestically from the wooden paneling

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90 cm Circular Saarinen Tulip Dining Table

Sale price£989.99 GBP
Re-stocking 3-4 weeks
Table Finish:Especiale Levanto Rosso Marble

Although petite, the 90 cm Circular Saarinen Tulip Dining Table packs a gigantic punch! Ideal for kitchens or cozy dining rooms, it's sure to be a standout addition.  Proving size really doesn’t matter, top the 90 cm option with the same marble, laminate or high quality real veneer choices for the matching look.

Choose from an array of marble, laminate, and veneer finishes to accentuate your interior space.


A stunning image that captures the rich tones within the natural Walnut Veneer Tulip table top against the dark silhouette of a black background
The Tulip table base in white is a sleek and curvy design that displays so much gracious style just like its namesake growing and blossoming at the top
A banner image that clearly shows a top down and profile view of the 90 cm Tulip Table with arrows that aid in visually showing the dimensions
Adjusted for mobile and tablet users, the 90 cm Tulip table is shown with a side on and top down view so that the dimensions can be clearly visible